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Knowing your HIV status will empower you to take charge of your health, fostering a sense of control and proactive well-being. Our HIV self-testing service goes beyond the convenience and privacy of testing at home; it's about putting the power of information directly into your hands.

With an HIV self-testing kit and our online platform, you can perform the test independently and receive your results within minutes.

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Priscilla Zondi

Yes, the videos gives clients more information and better understanding about HIV and the importance of U=U

Xabiso Kawe

The pocket clinic saves me a lot of time, and it makes me very organised as the pre and post counselling are on the App, so I get to prepare other things while the App talks to the client.

Female, 19, KZN

The thing I liked about these videos is that they give you a word of advice when it's your first time on the treatment. and I actually found it interesting because they tell you all the steps you have to follow, and I am looking forward to start my treatment today

Xabiso Kawe

Patients experience full counselling and confidentiality…they enjoy the videos and they get to ask me a lot of questions based on the information from the videos

Female, 26, KZN

Engikuzwile kwi video ukuthi ukuzithola u HiV positive akukhona ukuphela komhlaba nokuzinyeza kufanele uhlale uzinakekela njalo

Male, 24, E Cape

I like the comprehensive but brief information/counselling prior to the test.

Lydia Tambudze

The patients experience a moment of deep listening,understanding and above all being in control. All ages, the youth, the middle aged, even the elderly enjoy the sessions. …The post counselling part is simplified in words they fully understand, making it easier to accept and to promise to adhere to their treatment.

Female, 19, E. Cape

The system is easy to use and educational 🤗

Male, 38, Eswatini

Self test is a good thing because I was able to answer some questions without worrying that I could be judged

Popular Videos

Here we meet Lizette, Thabo, Valencia and the Khumalos. They all take us through their respective journeys and relationships. They let us in on their possible risks of getting HIV and why they decided to get tested.

On this video, Thabo and Valencia share with us important basic information on HIV and how it affects our bodies when we are infected. This is important for us to know so we can take the necessary steps should a test come back with a positive results.

Mr Khumalo and Valencia debunk myths and uncertainities by giving us facts on how HIV is transmitted. This is useful information when mapping what risks of exposure we could have encountered in the last 3 months.

Lizette continues to take us through her journey as a partner to Donnie, and how she is taking care of herself to ensure that she stays HIV negative while she is figuring out other aspects of her life and marriage.

Healthcare Providers use Pocket Clinic for Better Patient Engagement and Insights

Join us on our journey to empower individuals to take control of their health with guided HIV self-testing.

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Gain valuable insights into user behaviour, enabling targeted interventions for maximum impact.
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